Synergy” is the effect of multiple energies combining to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The area of northeastern New Mexico surrounding Las Vegas has a rich history of self-sufficient mentalities, and possesses many resources or “energies”, both human and environmental, which can be conducive to a future that is improved rather than degraded, and can be sustained for generations to come. SynergyFest is a celebration of the potential for a sustainable future for this regional community, seeking to combine these various “energies” into a greater whole. Showcasing and enjoying the strengths of our community is one purpose of SynergyFest. Another is providing a forum to share ideas and goals related to local and global sustainability. Educating our people, especially youth, on subjects such as renewable energy, local commerce and food production, and conservation of our most precious resources is another huge focus of the festival. We believe that combining our vast array of human resources in arts, sciences, and technologies with our many natural resources such as sun, wind, soil, water, and a diverse ecosystem, provides the best means for preserving the ecological, social, and economic fabric of the region for future generations.